IPCC decide not to investigate Orgreave

On Friday the IPCC decided after two years that there would be no further investigation into the actions of the the police during the protests at Orgreave where numerous miners were left injured by police. On that day the police also arrested numerous miners on false charges that were later dismissed but not before causing a huge amount of stress to those involved. We fully support the call by Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign for public enquiry into this event and its aftermath. We believe the footage we used in Still the Enemy Within, the footage in Yvette Vanson’s The Battle For Orgreave, and the numerous news and archive clips we have watched of the day when researching this film, clearly show that the police used accessive force at Orgreave. There should be no time limit on the police being held ¬†accountable for these violent actions. To see this footage for yourself and find out more about the events of that day and the strike check out ‘Still the Enemy Within‘ and please support The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. http://otjc.org.uk/