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Messages from supporters

Lee Hall, writer of ‘Billy Elliott’.  “The Miner’s Strike was a watershed in post-War British history. The real story has been buried behind an avalanche of propaganda. This is a vitally important story. Please support it.”

Ken Loach, veteran film maker “The mainstream media didn’t tell the truth about the miners’ strike when it happened. And the same lies are still being told. It’s therefore important that we tell this story. The film should be made.”

John Pilger, journalist. “This is an important film. What happened to the miners in the 1980s is happening again in other forms as an increasingly totalitarian, surveillance state touches our lives. If you can, please support this project.”

Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades’ Union. “This film will be vital part of educating new Fire Fighters on the role of the union and on wider working class history. We face similar attacks today as the miners faced in 1984 and I am proud the FBU is supporting this film and we will do everything to make sure it reaches its target”.

Jane Loftus, President, The Communication Workers Union.“This is about solidarity, just like the miners’ strike itself was about solidarity. We need to support this film and get it funded, so we can use it next year to take back our history, working class history. I ask you to support and donate to this film”.

Dennis Skinner MP .”This film will be like a breath of fresh air. Unlike all the other films about the strike, the orthodox films about the strike, it will tell the story from the point of view of the miners, those in the industry and those who supported the miners through those hard 12 months.  Not from the point of view of those in government or those who scabbed in Nottingham. This film will show the real enemy within was the Thatcher government that destroyed industry and tore the country apart.”

Frank Dobson MP. “It would be useful to have a an accurate portrayal of what happened. Getting the truth on record would be a big step forward. It’s crucial that a film along these lines is made and gives an accurate portrayal of what actually happened.”

Michael Rosen, writer, broadcaster. “As we now know, one of the key moments in twentieth century British history was the miners’ strike of the mid-80s. This was the moment when the ruling class  made a decision that has re-shaped the whole of society. The organised working class who had brought about huge advances in education, health, housing, welfare and pensions had become the ‘enemy within’ because they were prepared to defend these advances at the moment when the ruling class were struggling to shift the British economy over to their fantasy of the ‘information’ age. In truth, and again as we know now, this was one of the steps towards the cess pit of debt-selling casino capitalism.

The miners stood in the way of this shift and it required all the power of the press, the police and government itself to break them. Though this is a matter of regret, it is at the same time a story of how people who have the livelihoods of themselves, their families and their whole communities at stake, will fight every inch of the way – and more: in the struggle, they create glimpses of what a fair and just society could be if we could own, control and distribute what we produce.

This film has to be made. We have to put on record what happened. Even as I’m writing this, the full truth of what happened at Orgreave is about to be re-examined now that we know that the Yorkshire police were, in ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw’s words, out of control. People who have up till now been reluctant or scared to tell their story must get a chance to put their accounts on the record so that we can all learn from what happened.

All this costs money. Filming and editing are expensive and we want this film to be of the highest quality – vision, sound and cutting. This needs contributions from us all. I hope you can throw something into the kitty to get the whole production up and running.”


Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary RMT union “I congratulate the team engaged in making an historical film about the miners dispute from a working class perspective. As workers we must be honest enough to analyse our victories and defeats in order to win next time around. The lessons of how the bosses the media and some sections of our movement combined to demonise Scargill and the miners have relevance today for all workers in struggle and in particular for my own union the RMT.”

Paul Mackney, former General Secretary University and College Union “I was Chair of Birmingham Miners’ Support Committee in 1984-85 and am delighted Mike Simons is preparing another celebration for the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike.

‘The state and the media were not neutral in 1984. They are not neutral today. Ask the striking miners who stayed out for a year. We found out first hand.

Paul Symonds. NUM member Frickley and picket throughout the year long miners’ strike. “They say history is written by the victors. The real truth about our strike is out there, not the truth of the victors, but the truth of how we, men and women, with our union and support groups, put up an almighty fight against the powers that be.

This film will help mark our struggle and pass on the lessons to the current generation of trade unionists. Please support its production.”´