Bad Bonobo Statement Ritzy Dispute absolutely condemns the actions of Picturehouse in announcing redundancies at the Ritzy Cinema. It is a clear attack on people who organise for fair pay. We are glad to see that Picturehouse appear to have backed down on their initial proposal. However, we want to ensure Picturehouse and owners Cineworld keep the promises made during the dispute, so, with the agreement of the Ritzy workers, we are going to donate 50% of our takings from our screening at the Greenwich Picturehouse to the Ritzy campaign, to be used as a potential strike fund. We are also inviting the Ritzy Workers to speak at the post-show discussion on 12th Nov at our Greenwich screening. We are 100% behind the Ritzy campaign for a fair wage and hope that Picturehouse stick to the pledges they made earlier this year.